Thanks for reading & sharing your thoughts, Jonathan.

I don’t disagree with you – there will be exponential changes in how we live once we have a vaccine, and the impacts on our economies will be felt for a long time after that yet.

My reluctance to label *now* the new normal is more to do with the social distancing, inability to see loved ones (if living apart), & not going out in general. These things are not normal. As humans, we crave interactions and being together (digital is a fair compromise but we already have heaps of research to tell us that it doesn’t quite cut the mustard when it comes to real life interactions).

There will be some exciting changes after all this & there will be some less exciting ones. What that version of our normal will look like is still very much in the air. All I know is that now isn’t it.

Writer etc | Psychologist-in-Training | Careers Coach Veteran | Covering: Careers with Purpose, Positive Psychology + Creative Living without the BS

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